December 1 to 20, 2003 - IFT-UNESP, São Paulo, SP - Brazil

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This school will have a format similar to previous ICTP Latin-American string schools held in Cuba (1998) and Mexico (2000). There will be three weeks of lectures starting with basic string theory and continuing to more advanced topics. The lectures will assume knowledge of quantum field theory and general relativity at the graduate student level, but will not assume previous familiarity with string theory. There will also be daily discussion sessions and homework exercises. References for the lectures can be found on the webpage of the program. It is highly recommended that participants bring with them the string theory books of Polchinski and Green-Schwarz-Witten.

Hotel and food expenses will be paid at the school to participants coming from developing countries. Funding for travel expenses will be reimbursed after the school by the local organizers from the country of the participant.

All participants will be accomodated at the hotel Parthenon which is a four-star hotel located next to the school. Hotel information can be found on a separate webpage. After receiving the arrival and departure information, the school will make a reservation for the participant in a double room. The reservation is confirmed when the arrival and departure dates appear on the webpage of the list of participants. If participants know with whom they would like to share a room, they should send email to cordas@ift.unesp.br with this information.