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I am a theoretical physicist  presently working in mathematical-biology and complex systems, with applications to ecology and epidemiology. Besides, I still do research on nonlinear dynamics of water-waves.

I accept students through the Graduate Studies Program at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, São Paulo State University. Applications are welcome for Masters and PhD studiies. If you are interested, please contact me.  

If you are interested in a post-doc position, feel free to inquiry about one by e-mail. 

I  organize a summer school on Mathematical-Biology  every year in January or February. Go to the summer school link  above to know more.  

Research Interests and Ongoing Projects

1. Diffusion in Fragmented or Limited Habitats.  

This research line is a classical subject in mathematical-biology, involving models using reaction-difusion equations and generalizations. It concerns also topics in ecology, like  local extinctions, invasive species, connectivity and  interacting species in space and time. 

2. Models and  Data in Epidemiology

We are interested in infectious disease dynamics, with a view to real world applications. We study models and compare tehm with data. Recently, we have been engaged in new frameworks that use recent avances in time-series analysis to seek causality relations between infectious diseases and environmental/climatic factors. 

3. Other.

Nonlinear Waves and hydrodynamics, polulation biology, water-reservoirs  and early warning signals of critical transitions. 


differential equations, ordinary and partial, numerics, time-series analysis, networks. 

Roberto A. KRaenkel @IFT-UNESP, São Paulo