Romanian exams

  High school entrance examination (8th grade) in Romania

To enter high school in Romania, you need to  pass an exam at the end of VIIIth  grade.
It consists  of a  mathematics exam, a Romanian language exam  (grammar and  writing),
and for some high schools with certain profiles, an additional aptitude test. There are two
types of  schools: regular high schools and "professional " (or "vocational") schools that
concentrate on giving you skills for a particular type of job. If you get more than 50% on all
exams, depending on your grade, you can go to your choice of high school or a professional
school (you go to your choice of school in descending order, according to your grade). You
do not need to pass the exam to get into a professional school, but you do need if you want
your choice of such a school. After the first exam session, for those who failed or did not show,
there is a second session when you have again a chance to get onto the remaining available
places in high school or professional schools. If you fail again, you are placed in the remaining
spots in professional schools.

Would you get into a romanian high school? A note on statistics: In 2003 (the only year I could
find the relevant official statistics on the internet), about 70% of students passed the exam in the
first session, and about half of those remaining passed in the second session (for a total of about
85% passing in both tries). The percentages have small fluctuations over different years.

Official Math exam papers (in Romanian)- contain graphs as well

Practice math exam 2001

Math exam 2003

Math exam 2005

English translations of the tests (no graphs; find them above)

Practice math exam 2001 (in english)

Math exam 2003 (in english)

Math exam 2005 (in english)

Baccalaureate examination (12th grade): Physics and Math

In order to be able to register for college, you have to have passed a nationwide comprehensive
examination at the end of high school, on several subjects (the particular subjects depend partly
on the focus of your high school). The minimum passing grade is 50 % for each subject.
For science oriented high schools (as opposed to humanities oriented) both math
and physics are part of the exam (math is always present, maybe at an easier level, but
physics might not be).  The math exam covers all the subject matter taught, but the
Physics exam covers only the subject matter  up  to  the middle of  11th  grade.  In the
second half of 11th grade and in 12th grade one is taught Special Relativity, Elements of
Atomic and Nuclear Physics, but it is not required for the baccalaureate.
Here are some physics and math exams (for the science orientation) from the last years:

Original Physics exam papers (in Romanian)- contain graphs as well

Bac Physics exam 2004

Bac Physics exam 2005

Bac Physics exam 2003

Original Math exam papers (in Romanian)- contain graphs as well

Bac Math exam 2000

Bac Math exam 2001

Bac Math exam 2002

Bac Math exam 2003

Practice Bac Math exam 2004

Bac Math exam 2005

English translations of the Physics tests (no graphs; find them above)

 Bac Physics exam 2004 (in english)

Bac Physics exam 2005 (in english)

English translations of the Math tests (no graphs; find them above)

Bac math exam 2000 (in english)

Bac math exam 2001 (in english)

Bac math exam 2002 (in english)

Bac math exam 2003 (in english)

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